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The Black & The Brave Wrestling Academy brings you a professional wrestling training experience like no other available in the United States. With twenty years of combined experience from all levels of the professional wrestling world, Colby Lopez, who performs as WWE’s Seth Rollins, and Marek Brave offer a unique opportunity to train your mind and body for a chance at a career in the sports entertainment industry.

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Seth Rollins in Lazer 103.3
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“Mr. Money in the Bank” Seth Rollins checked in on the Lazer Lines earlier this afternoon. Rollins will be in town Monday at Wells Fargo Arena as Des Moines goes worldwide on the USA Network with WWE’s Monday Night Raw.

Rollins, who is from Davenport and still has a house there, talks a little bit about his Iowa football preferences, his previous visits to Des Moines with 3X Wrestling and what exactly is in the briefcase.

Power 25 Ranking 8/30/14
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Seth Rollins

Previous Rank: 3 || Current Rank: 4

Mr. Money in the Bank just can’t seem to shake the fallout from his Shield desertion. Just when he thought he finally destroyed the threat posed by Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins now finds himself fighting another former friend in Roman Reigns, a man who won’t be intimidated by a few cinder blocks.

Seth Rollins vs Rob Van Dam Continues 8/29/14
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WWE Smackdown Result 8/29/14
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Rob Van Dam faced Seth Rollins, just three days after defeating Mr. Money in the Bank by count-out on WWE Main Event.

RVD gave The Architect a run for his money in a hard-fought battle, but in the end, it was the calculating Rollins who Curb Stomped his high-flying foe for the victory.

Gallery:: Home > > Smackdown > 2014 > Aug 29

Seth Rollins Gets Stitched Up After Main Event
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Screencaptures:: Home > Screencaptures > 2014 > Others > Seth Rollins gets Stitched Up After Main Event

WWE Main Event Result 8/26/14
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WWE Main Event kicked off with Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins facing off against former Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner and former WWE Champion Rob Van Dam. The in-ring repertoires of Rollins and RVD are strikingly similar, but the ECW original brought years of experience to the bout giving him an early advantage against Rollins.

Nevertheless, the former Shield member proved his resilience and ability by keeping the contest highly competitive against his incredibly agile opponent. As momentum shifted back and forth, the battle spilled to the outside. Taking advantage of his surroundings, RVD threw Rollins into the time keeper’s area and returned to the ring just in time for Mr. Money in the Bank to be counted out, securing victory for Van Dam.

Gallery:: Home > > Main Event > 2014 > Aug 26
Video:: Seth Rollins vs Rob Van Dam

WWE Raw Result 8/25/14
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Seth Rollins and Kane eulogized Dean Ambrose

It’s been a week since Dean Ambrose was Curb Stomped through a pile of cinderblocks and there’s still been no sign of the former U.S. Champion, so of course Seth Rollins and Kane took a moment on Raw to proclaim no less than Ambrose’s untimely demise at their hands. Proclaiming himself as the ultimate destroyer of The Shield proved a tad premature for Rollins, however, as Roman Reigns was quick to step up to the plate, attacking both his former “brother” and The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations in an attempt to finish what Ambrose started. That Kane saved Rollins at the last second says a lot about how close Reigns came to doing so.

Seth Rollins and Kane vs Roman Reigns

Contrary to the song, authority doesn’t always win. But Authority certainly won on Raw when Seth Rollins & Kane teamed up to decimate Roman Reigns in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match for which The Big Dog found himself unexpectedly overmatched. Despite an early burst that sent Kane tumbling and Rollins all but begging for mercy, Reigns didn’t exactly take away The Authority’s two weapons. A double-team from Kane & Rollins (shades, ironically, of The Shield) put Reigns on the defensive. The former Tag Team Champion reclaimed enough momentum to drop Kane with a Spear, but Rollins’ subsequent attack with his Money in the Bank briefcase ended the match via disqualification.

The subsequent two-on-one beating softened Reigns up for a potential Curb Stomp through another pile of cinderblocks – yeesh – but Reigns fought back to escape, narrowly crushing Rollins’ head by throwing one of the cinder blocks straight at The Aerialist’s head. He missed. He might not next time.

Gallery:: Home > > Raw > 2014 > Aug 25
Screencaptures:: Home > Screencaptures > 2014 > Monday Night Raw > Aug 25

Raw Fall Out 8/25/14
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Screencaptures:: Home > Screencaptures > 2014 > Others > Raw Fall Out 8/25

Seth Rollins vs Jack Swagger Continues 8/22/14
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Power 25 Ranking 8/23/14
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Seth Rollins

Previous Rank: 6 || Current Rank: 3

Seth Rollins moves into the top 3 after an incredibly successful week. Not only did Mr. Money in the Bank defeat Dean Ambrose on back-to-back nights, but it looks like he has put his unstable rival out of commission for the foreseeable future.

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