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The Box Magazine – Behind The Scene

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Posted on Nov,22 2014     Categories: Seth Rollins, Video      Comments Off   Comment(s) Superstars Pick Survivor Series Dream Teams: 2014 Edition


Seth Rollins

Not going with anybody but the best, the man responsible for shattering The Shield picked a quartet of WWE Hall of Famers to create his Survivor Series dream team.

“I’d start by picking Andre the Giant,” Seth Rollins said wisely. “Andre’s my No. 1. I need a bodyguard. I need to make sure someone’s got my back, and who better to have than the Giant himself?”

Next, Rollins went with the competitor he named as his all-time favorite, Shawn Michaels.

“He’s very resilient, he can withstand a lot,” Rollins told us.

For his last choices, he selected what was, perhaps, the most formidable duo in sports-entertainment history.

“I would pick a tag team: The Legion of Doom, Hawk and Animal,” he said. “Andre and The Road Warriors would be my offensive linemen, and Shawn and I would do all the cleanup. That’s a team that’s going to dominate, that’s going to win.”

Posted on Nov,21 2014     Categories: Articles, Seth Rollins,      Comments Off   Comment(s) Q & A with Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins answers some questions about his indie wrestling circuit journey, crossfit, wwe and other stuff. Below are the highlights:

A lot of people pay attention to your workout regimen on Instagram and other forms of social media. That’s not something the previous generation of wrestlers had to go through. You’ve probably done as much to spread the gospel of CrossFit as any wrestler. Do you get a kick out of that?

Social media is great in some ways — if we’re able to spread good messages. A lot of things now on the Internet is a lot of negativity, but I don’t try to use my social media for that. I try to use it to spread information about what I like, whether it’s music or movies or fitness. If my Instagram or Twitter has gotten people to try healthy supplements or enjoy a new form of fitness and feel better about themselves, then that’s pretty rad. I try not be an evildoer on the Internet.

When I watched you coming up through FCW, I didn’t expect WWE to position you as a bad guy — at least not so soon. Were you surprised by that?

No. For me, I know my capabilities and the spectrum I can cover as an entertainer. It’s cool that people who watched me for a long time are surprised at how good I am at it, but I take pride in that. I enjoy the process of jumping in a different pair of shoes from time to time.

I know you guys have some history — and he’s making a big splash in NXT right now. Which NXT talents are you most excited to work with in the future?

I’ve never had a match with Adrian Neville or Finn Bálor — it’d be interesting to see how our styles complement one another. Obviously Sami. Obviously Hideo Itami. A guy like CJ Parker has a bright future ahead of him. You’ve got the Ascension, you’ve got Tyler Breeze — there’s a whole crop of great talent waiting in the wings, and I think in the next three, four, five years, you’re going to see an influx of talent from NXT that’s going to change the way WWE looks.

When you were coming up through developmental, you had some epic matches with Dean Ambrose, and the two of you have spent the past few months feuding in WWE. At Hell in a Cell, there were a lot of people disappointed that your match didn’t end decisively, but it’s clear you two will lock up again in the future. Do you two ever talk about that? About meeting at WrestleMania or whether there will be a DVD about your rivalry someday?

I don’t think it’s anything that really needs to be spoken between myself and Ambrose. It’s just understood. We both know that we’re lifers, that we’re in this for the long haul. We both know that we’re going to be main-event players for years to come, and we both know what our capabilities are in the ring and with each other. So it’s not something we need to say out loud. We just go about our business and we know the opportunities are going to be there for us moving forward.

You debuted in WWE as part of the Shield, with Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Tell me one thing you learned from each of them when you were traveling together.

From Roman, the main thing I picked up was his presence. He’s the kind of guy that can walk into a room and take the attention away from everybody in there. All eyes just go to him. I don’t know if that’s something he can teach — that’s sometimes just something you’re born with — but you can take notes. I paid a lot of attention to that.

And Ambrose — he’s a quirky individual. His thought process as he approaches big matches and big promos — big moments, I guess you would say — is very interesting. You’ll never find a student of the game who gets in any deeper than Ambrose. I said that it’s hard for me to just sit down and watch wrestling, but he loves it. He’ll go back and find crazy stuff all the time. I remember at one point during our Shield run, he was watching some kind of crazy European stuff for no reason. I was like, “What is that?” It was some crazy black-and-white stuff and he was just in there having a great time. I picked up lots of little things from each of them, and I think it helped all of us as individual performers.

Regardless of what happens on Sunday, you’ll still have the Money in the Bank briefcase, which usually leads to big things for whoever holds it. What do you think the next six months are going to look like for Seth Rollins?

I’m expecting to continue the momentum I’ve established and carry it into next year. To continue to push the envelope and to be in that upper echelon of guys who are carrying the company — that’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I like having that weight on my shoulders. I enjoy the pressure, so I’m looking forward to what this WrestleMania season is going to look like. I think it’s going to be a little bit different than some of the WrestleMania seasons in the past, with some of the part-timers maybe not coming back and making an appearance this year. So it’ll be interesting to see what guys step up.

Speaking of the future, you do moves that have basically never been done in a WWE ring. Fans who have never watched indie wrestling are seeing a lot of things for the first time, and fans who have watched the indies are surprised that this is being allowed to happen. This is an inside baseball question, so apologies, but is there a process by which you get moves that aren’t traditionally in the “WWE style” approved?

Not a set-in-stone process. It’s not like you fill out an application for a new move. It’s just the evolution of our industry. And it’s cool that people are taking note that guys have come from different backgrounds and have instituted a different style. It’s nice that’s being talked about. It goes along with my personal no. 1 rule of wrestling: If it’s good, it’s good. You try something out and if it works and people seem to dig it, then you move forward with it. And if not, you toss it in the alley and call it a day. But it’s cool that people have noticed we’re bringing a new flavor to the show.

So there’s a chance we’ll see God’s Last Gift someday?

I mean, it’s in my arsenal. You never know.

Full Article:: The Future Is Now: Q&A With Seth Rollins

Posted on Nov,21 2014     Categories: Interview, Seth Rollins      Comments Off   Comment(s)
The Box Magazine January 2015 Issue with Seth Rollins

Magazine:: Home > Magazines and Publication > Other Publications/Magazine > 2015 > The Box Magazine – January

Posted on Nov,20 2014     Categories: Magazine, Seth Rollins      Comments Off   Comment(s) Seth Rollins graces the January 2015 cover of ‘The Box Magazine’


Seth Rollins opens up about the importance of CrossFit in turning him from WWE hopeful to one of the best Superstars in sports-entertainment today in the January 2015 issue of “The Box Magazine,” available Tuesday, Nov. 18.

In the cover story, Rollins talks about working out on the road, luring other Superstars to join him at “boxes” — gyms specifically designed for CrossFit — and even how his CrossFit regime proves especially useful during a Royal Rumble Match.

The latest issue also offers a look at what supplements and gear Rollins needs to bring on the road to fit his W.O.Ds, or “workouts of the day.” Rollins has CrossFit-trained for four years and plans on entering his third CrossFit Open in 2015, according to the feature.

Available on newsstands and for download on iPad, Nook and Kindle devices and the Zinio digital newsstand, “The Box” features grueling CrossFit workouts and nutrition information in every issue. For more information about “The Box,” visit and follow @TheBox_Magazine on Twitter.

Posted on Nov,20 2014     Categories: Articles, Seth Rollins,      Comments Off   Comment(s)
Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast with Seth Rollins

Posted on Nov,19 2014     Categories: Interview, Seth Rollins      Comments Off   Comment(s)
WWE 2K15 Fantasy Showdown: Seth Rollins vs Shawn Michaels

Posted on Nov,18 2014     Categories: Seth Rollins, WWE 2K15      Comments Off   Comment(s)
WWE Raw Result 11/17/14

RAW_1121_Photo_0175-3605082344.jpg RAW_1121_Photo_0160-3213948198.jpg RAW_1121_Photo_0167-569663621.jpg RAW_11172014cm_0210-3553349679.jpg

The Authority Addressed Ryback

Survivor Series is less than a week away, and John Cena’s still one man short of a squad. This could be a problem for the 15-time World Champion, considering the future of WWE is on the line and Team Authority just wrangled “team player” Luke Harper to complete their own Survivor Series troop. Despite having the advantage, The Authority left nothing to chance in Raw’s opening moments, attempting to further drive a wedge between Ryback and his potential team captain by replaying some of Cena’s choice words for The Human Wrecking Ball from their 2013 rivalry. Turns out the incentive wasn’t needed: Ryback replied by maintaining his allegiance to “Team Ryback” and leaving the chips to fall where they may.

Intercontinental Championship (with Seth Rollins on commentary)

Week in, week out, Dolph Ziggler’s thrilling thwarting of The Authority’s plans have given The Showoff some truly unforgettable showcases, with Dolph keeping his Intercontinental Title throughout each increasingly unlikely defense. The only thing disconcerting about The Showoff’s run was the sinking feeling he was flying too close to the sun, and thanks to an impromptu title matchup between Dolph and Luke Harper, Ziggler was finally brought down to earth when the depraved swamp-dweller feasted upon WWE’s resident Hollywood blond and took Dolph’s precious Intercontinental Title for his own grimy waist.

Harper wasn’t the only “team player” pulling his weight, however; a pre-match bum-rush by Seth Rollins and J&J Security sufficiently weakened The Showoff before his tussle with Harper and the big man capitalized. Save for a brief rebound from Dolph, the bout was all Harper, all the time. An 11th-hour escape of a Harper powerbomb landed Dolph right in the path of a discus clothesline for the 1-2-3, and Rollins happily piled on, sealing his teammate’s title win with a post-match Curb Stomp.

Team Authority and Team Cena signed their Survivor Series Contract

John Cena may be in this yet. Not only did the 15-time World Champion finally recruit Ryback (much to the chagrin of a suddenly sweating Triple H) to his cause with a heart-to-heart at the moment of truth, but he also managed to retain both Dolph Ziggler and Big Show to his side despite The Authority’s machinations. As for the fifth member? With a gap in his ranks thanks to an injury to Sheamus, that slot was filled by Erick Rowan, and the completed squad wasted no time in taking the fight straight to the boastful Team Authority.

The early forecast for Survivor Series is looking good, too: Team Cena handily overpowered their corporate foes, with Ryback distracting Triple H long enough for Cena to Attitude Adjust him straight through a table. The song might just be right. As far as The Authority is concerned, their time may well be up.

- video will be added later -

Gallery:: Home > > Raw > 2014 > Nov. 17

Posted on Nov,18 2014     Categories: Monday Night Raw, Result, Seth Rollins      Comments Off   Comment(s)
Raw Slam of the Week 11/10

Captain of Team Authority, Seth Rollins, sends a message to anyone thinking of joining Team Cena via Jack Swagger.

Posted on Nov,16 2014     Categories: Seth Rollins, Slam of the Week      Comments Off   Comment(s)
Power 25 Ranking 11/15/14

Seth Rollins

Previous Rank: 2 || Current Rank: 2

Seth Rollins proved his in-ring capabilities travel by dominating Jack Swagger when the two grapplers fought during Raw in Liverpool, England. Now, Mr. Money in the Banks needs to show the world that he’s ready to lead Team Authority into Survivor Series, even if means going through John Cena to do it.

Posted on Nov,15 2014     Categories: Power Rankings, Seth Rollins      Comments Off   Comment(s)
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