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WWE Smackdown Result 9/19/14
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Roman Reigns seemed to be on the verge of overcoming Rusev’s powerful assault before Seth Rollins arrived to cut off the black-clad Superstar’s comeback. Mr. Money in the Bank’s plan backfired, however, as he ended up inadvertently nailing The Super Athlete with his briefcase, resulting in a disqualification victory for The Hero of the Russian Federation.

Reigns and his former Shield “brother” continued to battle outside the ring as The Powerhouse chased his Night of Champions opponent through the WWE Universe

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Night of Champions 2014 Predictions
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Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns


@JoeyStyles: Arguably, since the split of The Shield, Roman Reigns has had the most successful singles career of the former Hounds of Justice. The Superman Punch and Spear have beaten opponent after opponent, including former WWE and World Heavyweight Champions Kane and Randy Orton. Seth Rollins is a phenomenal athlete and his Curb Stomp may be the most punishing strike in WWE. However, Reigns is on a roll and his momentum will carry him past the former Architect of The Shield. Believe in Roman Reigns, who will one day be WWE World Heavyweight Champion … after Brock Lesnar retires and relinquishes the title. WINNER: Roman Reigns

@HowardFinkel: For me, this match is too close to call. Both men have been going great guns and certainly know each other very well. However, Rollins ekes out the win. Memories will not be short, based on the loss Rollins suffered to Reigns last Monday on Raw, and I just think that result will be one of the catalysts that propel Mr. Money in the Bank to a hard-earned victory. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Scott Taylor: Seth Rollins is a man with a plan. I fully expect The Architect to come prepared with a well-thought-out blueprint to defeat Roman Reigns. On the other hand, the powerhouse Reigns has been unstoppable as of late, delivering Superman Punches and Spears like a man possessed. Even with The Authority backing up Mr. Money in the Bank, I don’t think Reigns’ meteoric rise can be slowed down. WINNER: Roman Reigns

James Wortman: Less than a week before Night of Champions, the WWE Universe witnessed these two former “brothers” go at it live on Raw, and it was Roman Reigns who sealed the victory with a Spear. Seth Rollins isn’t the type of guy to go into a rematch without carefully studying the mistakes of the past, and it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Mr. Money in the Bank doesn’t enter this contest with at least three backup plans. This one goes to The Authority. WINNER: Seth Rollins

John Clapp: It’s obvious Rollins wants to prove to Triple H that The Game’s investment in him has been a wise one; Rollins’ eagerness to impress has even been the cause of subtle tension between he and Orton. By losing to Reigns on Monday, however, has Rollins lost his shine? If his frustration doesn’t cause him to lose composure at Night of Champions, Rollins will make certain he defeats his former tag partner, whose offense (and limitations) Rollins already knows all so well. He’s identified Reigns’ few weaknesses, I’m sure; let’s see if he can exploit them. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins: 3, Roman Reigns: 2

Seth Rollins Interview with WQAD8
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Video Preview: Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns – Night of Champion
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Seth Rollins Interview on 97X
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Seth Rollins in Noah’s Ark Morning Show
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WWE Countdown: Royal Rumble Moments
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WWE Main Event Result
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This match begins with Big E knocking Rollins down several times. Rollins goes to the outside multiple times to regroup, and then gets back in the ring and hits a cheap shot on Big E. Big E however fights right back with a shoulder block. Big E makes the cover but Rollins kicks out at 2. Big E then hits a couple of shoulder to the gut, and then hits a chop to the chest. Big E then catches Rollins and hits three straight backbreakers. Big E then clotheslines Rollins to the outside. Big E slams Rollins on the announce table, and then throws him in the ring. Rollins however fights back and then hits a suicide dive onto Big E! Rollins is in control as we go to commercial.

We return with Rollins in control. Big E tries to fight back, but Rollins keeps control with a high kick to the head. Rollins continues to tries and keep Big E grounded. Rollins hits a knee to the face, and then puts Big E in a headlock. Rollins lets go, and then hits a splash in the corner. Rollins goes for another splash, but Big E catches him with a big slam! Big E then begins his comeback. Big E hits the big splash but Rollins kicks out at 2! Big E then hits the shoulder tackle on Rollins that sends both of them to the outside! Big E gets in the ring and then calls for the Big Ending. Rollins however reverses with a high kick, and then follows that with the Curb Stomp for the 3 count.

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WWE Raw Result 9/15/14
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The bell rings, and Rollins immediately begins punching him. Reigns pushes him away. Rollins punches him some more before Reigns reverses a whip. Rollins ducks a pair of clotheslines before getting out of the ring. Reigns chases him around the ring, and Rollins gets in the ring. Rollins then snaps him off the top rope before getting back into the ring. Reigns gets up and punches him down. Reigns punches him in the corner before hitting a shoulder thrust. Reigns throws him across the ring before punching him in the corner. Reigns hits a short-arm clothesline before attempting a Samoan Drop, but Rollins slides off and leaves the ring. Reigns chases him and grabs his leg as he tries to get into the ring. Reigns rips him out of the ring before driving him into the barricade and the apron. Reigns puts him in the ring and clotheslines him out of the ring. Reigns goes outside and slams him off the steel steps. Reigns slams him off the commentary table before throwing him over the table.

We come back from the break to see Reigns trapped in a chin lock. During the break, Rollins hit him with a sleep hold slam. Reigns fights up, so Rollins tries to suplex him. Reigns blocks it and hits one of his own. Reigns clotheslines him in the corner and punches him down. Reigns goes outside and goes for an apron dropkick, but Rollins moves. Rollins then dropkicks him off the apron before hitting a suicide dive. Rollins puts him into the ring and covers for a two count. Rollins waits for him to get up, and he goes for a stinger splash, but Reigns moves. Reigns hits a pair of clotheslines before sending him to the corner. Reigns hits a clothesline, but he misses a leaping clothesline. Reigns ducks a spinning heel kick and hits a back suplex side slam for a near fall. Reigns leaves the ring and hits a running apron dropkick. Reigns hits a Superman Punch. Rollins leapfrogs the Spear and kicks him in the face for a near fall!

Rollins goes to the top rope, but Reigns cuts him off. Reigns goes for a superplex, but Rollins blocks it. Rollins eventually slides off and gets him on his shoulders to hit a turnbuckle powerbomb across the ring for a near fall. Rollins talks some trash, and Reigns head-butts him. Rollins hits some quick kicks to the face before Reigns Spears him down for the win.

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Superstars on their Greatest Pranks Ever
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The Keep-Away


THE PERPETRATOR: Anyone who is not Seth Rollins

THE TARGET: Seth Rollins

“I’m not much of a prankster and no one seems to prank me, to be honest with you. It doesn’t happen that often. I’ve had the typical ‘people steal my championship and give it to me three seconds before I have to go out.” I couldn’t even tell you how many times that’s happened; it’s ridiculous. The [Money in the Bank] briefcase might be the biggest prank that’s ever been pulled on me, having to carry it around the airport. I don’t mind bringing it to the shows; it’s the airports, because these regular human beings look at me in the airport like I’m some sort of alien walking through the airport with this banged-up, scratched-up briefcase that says ‘Money in the Bank,’ like, ‘What the hell is that?’ So yeah, the briefcase itself is the greatest prank of all.” — SETH ROLLINS

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