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WWE Raw Result 3/2/15

RAW_1136_Photo_239-1550693044.jpg RAW_1136_Photo_223-2778950379.jpg RAW_1136_Photo_162-3029213472.jpgRAW_1136_Photo_007-2474383390.jpg

Roman Reigns confronted Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins opened Raw in a positively Zen mood, having successfully goaded Jon Stewart to trek across the bridge and into Brick City to appear on Raw after their online back-and-forth led to a dustup on “The Daily Show” last week. Of course, Roman Reigns ain’t one to let his enemies relax for long. The No. 1 contender to Brock Lesnar’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship put a swift end to Rollins’ showboating, though. Reigns crashed Mr. Money in the Bank’s opening segment, socking him in the mouth and obliterating J&J Security with a Superman Punch (to Jamie Noble) and a Spear (to Joey Mercury). Let’s just say, if Stewart throws a right hand half as good as Reigns does, Rollins has got himself in deep trouble.

The Daily Show with Seth Rollins

Enough about moments of Zen, time for the moment of truth: Jon Stewart finally chose to reveal himself to Seth Rollins about two-thirds of the way through Raw, right as Mr. Money in the Bank was eviscerating the late-night mainstay by mounting a one-man production of “The Daily Show with Seth Rollins.” Stewart, who brought no backup of his own, stepped up to Rollins with true Jersey bravado and called the legitimacy of his Money in the Bank victory into question, but understandably withered ever so slightly when J&J Security advanced on the outmatched anchor.

What a relief, then, that Randy Orton showed up? Strange as it sounds, The Apex Predator’s arrival outta nowhere stopped Rollins in his tracks right as he was set to lay hands on the Comedy Central icon. Stewart capitalized by kicking Rollins full on in the crotch and making his timely escape while Orton looked on the whole scene in disbelief. Jersey strong, baby.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Reigns held the early advantage by targeting Rollins’ groin. Yes, Kane and Big Show both felt Reigns’ wrath at ringside, as well as J&J Security (rough night for those guys). And yes, Randy Orton’s arrival — but not in Rollins’ corner, after a backstage verbal scuffle with The Authority — threw Mr. Money in the Bank off his game. But that same Viper snatched the victory from Reigns all the same. A big back body drop off the top from Reigns led to a one-armed sit-out powerbomb and the Superman Punch that followed set up for the Spear. Orton’s timely trip-up, though, allowed Rollins to claim the win with a rollup. A furious Reigns didn’t let the loss sink in for long, taking out the entire Authority singlehandedly (save Orton, who made a quick getaway). He may be ready for Lesnar yet. He certainly believes that.

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Raw Five-Point Preview: 3/2/15

Does a Curb Stomp await Jon Stewart?

It was far from a “Moment of Zen” Thursday night on “The Daily Show” when Seth Rollins appeared during the final segment of the Comedy Central series and delivered a face-to-face message to the Emmy Award-winning talk show host.

“Why don’t you shut your mouth and bring it, pal?” Rollins asked a visibly shaken Stewart.” “How about you show up, this Monday night on Monday Night Raw?”

What will transpire when Stewart comes to Raw, where Rollins will no doubt be anxious to settle their rivalry once and for all?

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Power 25 Ranking 2/27/15

Seth Rollins

Previous Rank: 5 || Current Rank: 6

In between his war of words with “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, Seth Rollins stood tall at WWE Fastlane against Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan & Ryback, but couldn’t say the same on SmackDown.

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App Exclusive: Six-Man Tag Team Match Continues 2/26/15

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WWE Smackdown Result 2/26/15

SD_810_Photo_141-1441894119.jpg SD_810_Photo_135-501079097.jpg SD_810_Photo_131-447748128.jpg SD_810_Photo_134-1792732335.jpg

When order completely broke down in the electrifying final moments of the huge WWE Fastlane rematch, Erick Rowan hurled J&J Security’s Jamie Noble into the ring. This distracted the referee long enough for Dolph Ziggler to connect with an earth-shattering Superkick on Seth Rollins. The impact sent the “Future of WWE” flying into Ryback’s awaiting Shell Shocked, paving the way for The Big Guy’s SmackDown’s Six-Man Tag Team pinfall.

Gallery:: Home > WWE.com > Smackdown > 2015 > Feb 26
Screencaptures:: Home > Screencaptures > 2015 > Smackdown > Feb 26

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Seth Rollins on The Daily Show

Seth Rollins made a short appearance on The Daily Show to personally invite Jon Stewart to appear on Monday Night Raw.

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WWE Divas and Superstars wish WWE Network a Happy Birthday

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WWE Raw Result 2/23/15

RAW_1135_Photo_221-3528420806.jpg RAW_1135_Photo_219-4156143159.jpg RAW_1135_Photo_200-2541633490.jpg RAW_1135_Photo_212-1617653695.jpg

Anyone expecting another explosion of physicality between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns on Raw can settle down. The two most volatile elements in WWE remained at rest 24 hours after they blew the roof off WWE Fastlane, instead focusing their collective energy on the returning Randy Orton and Seth Rollins.

All in all, the bout was a tale of two teams, one that buried their hatchet and another that maybe, juuust maybe had not. When Rollins (with Kane & Big Show on the outside, supporting Rollins before their Fastlane rematch against Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan on SmackDown) tagged himself in during Orton’s decimation of Reigns, the former World Champion threw a fit and stormed off. Yet when Bryan tagged himself in after Reigns laid Rollins out with the Superman Punch, the 2014 Superstar of the Year happily ceded the floor while The Beard annihilated Rollins with the Running Knee. Teamwork makes the dream work, but it seemed as though Rollins was headed for a waking nightmare when he found himself in the sights of The Viper’s punt. Instead of kicking Rollins into next week, however, The Viper offered a rough, if seemingly genuine, pat on the arm. Probably best Rollins takes that with a grain of salt, though: Orton’s mood can famously change, well, outta nowhere.

Gallery:: Home > WWE.com > Raw > 2015 > Feb 23
Screencaptures:: Home > Screencaptures > 2015 > Monday Night Raw > Feb 23

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WWE Fastlane 2015 Result

FL15_Photo_043-3855985818.jpg FL15_Photo_016-3905465424.jpg FL15_Photo_015-1908538858.jpg FL15_Photo_044-2075212089.jpg

We start with Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. Early pinfall attempt by Ziggler and Rollins bails. Back in the ring, Rollins worked over Ziggler in the corner. Tag to Erick Rowan who tossed Rollins to the corner. Rowan with a pumphandle slam into a backbreaker followed by a quick elbow. Rollins crawls to the corner and tags in Kane. Rowan with a big scoop slam and leg drop combo on Kane. Big Show gets the tag and eats a boot from Rowan in the corner. On the outside, Rowan pushes Big Show into the steel post. Rowan tries a spinning leg on Big Show, Big Show moves and Rowan connects directly with the post. Big Show works over Rowan’s bad leg kicking at it and then dropping an elbow over it. Tag to Kane who stomps the head and chest of Rowan. Tag to Rollins who kicks away at Rowan. Rollins with a second rope blockbuster from the corner on Rowan. Tag to Big Show who applies a leg lock submission on Rowan. Rowan catches Big Show with a DDT. Rollins tags himself in, dropkicks Ziggler off the apron and taunts Ryback. Rowan drops Rollins. Hot tag to Ryback who levels Rollins from corner to corner. Ryback with a Lou Thesz Press. Rollins avoids a splash and Ryback with a powerful powerbomb on Rollins. Ryback drops Kane with a clothesline. Ryback has Rollins up. J&J Security with a distraction. Rollins with a close two count off a roll up. Rollins with a superkick on Ryback for another close two count. Rollins with a kick to Ryback. Rollins jumps off the second rope. Ryback catches Rollins and drops him down in Shell Shocked. Big Show with a splash over Ryback immediately. Tag to Ziggler who dropkicks Big Show. Ziggler pushes Kane into Big Show knocking him off the apron. Ziggler with a big DDT to Kane. Ziggler with a superkick to Kane. Ziggler with a Fameasser to Rollins. Ziggler with right hands to Kane. Kane pushes Ziggler to the side, Big Show with a KO punch, Kane lifts up Ziggler and drops him down getting the pinfall.

After the match, Seth Rollins with a curb stomp on Dolph Ziggler. Big Show and Kane with a double chokeslam on Ryback. Rollins with a curb stomp to Erick Rowan.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he hits the ring. Orton tosses Mercury out. RKO on Noble. RKO on Mercury. Orton kicks Rollins and attempts his DDT from the second rope. Big Show pulls Rollins away. RKO on Kane. Rollins bails through the crowd.

Video:: WWE Fastlane 2015 (6-Man Tag Team Match)
Gallery:: Home > WWE.com > PPV > 2015 > Fastlane
Screencaptures:: Home > Screencaptures > 2015 > Pay-per-View > Fastlane

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Meet and Greet at Milwaukee World of Wheels

credits found on each photos description

Gallery:: Home > Candids > Fan Meetings > 2015 > M&G at Kentucky Fair and Expo

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